Covid-19 Vaccine & Testing Information

Covid-19 Vaccine & Testing Information

You can help keep your community safe.

NMCAN wants to make sure you stay healthy! That’s why we want to ensure you have factual information about the COVID-19 vaccine and testing. By getting vaccinated and boosted, you will be able to do many of the things you did before the pandemic and stay protected from getting sick. See below to learn how to get you or your children vaccinated against Covid-19.

If you have questions about getting a vaccine or booster for you or your children, contact Arika at 808-225-1494.


Why should I get the Covid-19 vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccines and boosters are effective, safe, and free.

  • The vaccine and booster shots can keep you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 and can keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID-19.
  • Getting vaccinated and boosted protects you and the people around you, especially those who are at increased risk for severe illness – like older people, pregnant people, and people with medical conditions.
  • The vaccines were developed using science that has been around for decades. They are not experimental.
  • None of the vaccines contain the live virus that causes COVID-19 so the vaccine cannot give you COVID-19.
  • The vaccine is free and you do not have to have health insurance to receive one.

Learn more on the CDC website:

Why do I need a booster shot?

A Covid-19 booster gives you added protection.

  • Although COVID-19 vaccines are still effective in preventing severe disease, recent data suggest that their effectiveness at preventing infection or severe illness decreases over time. The booster helps increase your protection.
  • The Omicron variant makes vaccines, boosters, and prevention efforts (such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and social distancing) even more important to protect against COVID-19.
  • Recent data shows that the booster shot increased the immune response in people who completed their vaccine doses, meaning they had improved protection against getting infected with COVID-19.

Learn more about Covid-19 boosters on the CDC website:

Why should my child get vaccinated against COVID-19?

The Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective for children 5 years old and over.

  • Vaccinating children ages 5 years and older can help protect them from getting COVID-19, spreading the virus to others, and getting sick if they do get infected.
  • While COVID-19 is usually more mild for children, it can still make children very sick and require hospitalization. Some children have even died.
  • Getting your child vaccinated helps protect your child and your family, including siblings who are not eligible for vaccination and family members who may be at risk of getting very sick if they get infected.
  • COVID-19 vaccines have been used under the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. Scientists have conducted clinical trials with thousands of children, and the results show that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Your child cannot get COVID-19 from any COVID-19 vaccine, and there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility problems.
  • Your child may have some side effects, which are similar to those seen with other routine vaccines and are a normal sign that their body is building protection. These side effects may affect their ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days.

Learn more about vaccinating your child against Covid-19:

COVID-19 vaccine outreach and education are funded in part by support from Con Alma Health Foundation, Nusenda Credit Union, and True Health New Mexico.