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NMCAN has adopted an anti-racist approach to supporting young people and families, seeking to better understand the through lines between the negative judgment and surveillance of poor communities and communities of color, and identify policies and practices that work to dismantle systemic racism. When we consider the complexities of intergenerational poverty, racism, and historical trauma, it is clear that the systems designed to support young people and young families are broken, and few families persist through these programs with dignity and are equipped with the tools and resources to thrive. Families deserve supportive services and structures to help them thrive, and we will only achieve this when we listen to young people and families and respond to their needs, values, and priorities.  

You can check out our policy blueprints, videos, and news articles featuring local advocates to learn more about our policy and advocacy work in partnership with young people impacted by systems, and join the conversation about innovative systems of support that help families thrive by staying together.