Shout Out to Young Artist Tori Lucero

Shout Out to Young Artist Tori Lucero

NMCAN thanks Tori Lucero for leading one of the workshops during our Art Series. Not only is Tori a talented artist, but she is also an active member of the NMCAN community! While in foster care, she initially learned about NMCAN’s Mentoring Project and was matched with her Mentor Karen in 2011. Since then, she has participated in Opportunity Passport, our financial literacy project, along with other ongoing events. The 21-year-old attended last year’s Art Series, and we are thrilled that she is able to participate this year as a featured artist.

“I’ve pretty much always loved art.” Tori said. “As a teenager, I started taking art classes in school and have worked at the mosaic program through the City’s Public Art program.”

During her workshop, Tori will lead young people through the creation of a wild card. “This started when I was hanging out with a friend at school. We drew characters—anything from anything. Say you want pencils for arms, you can do that… we just had this crazy drawing spree! It was very addicting.”

Tori appreciates the process because it has allowed her to explore new ways of looking at things. “It’s cool because it gets your mind out of thinking, ‘oh, it has to be this way, or it has to be that way.’ It gets you to think creatively.”

“I’ve also stayed involved with NMCAN because it has really helped me grow as a person,” Tori shared. “And the Art Series is a great way to bring art to our community.”

Are you a young person who wants to attend Tori’s, or any upcoming, art workshop? RSVP on Facebook to Wittknee Engagio or call us at 505-217-0220 ext. 1007 for more information.

Are you a member of our community who wants to learn more about our work? Join us for the celebratory Art Show on Friday, November 3, 2017!