Give Together to Power Change

Give Together to Power Change

NMCAN is doing all we can to support young people impacted by systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. To advance these efforts, will you join our Spring fundraising campaign to further support our community?


  • We know our community is much stronger when we work together. This grassroots campaign has a goal of 50 donors contributing $5 or more per month for the next year, raising $3,000 for our programming.
  • Donate here or call 505-217-0220.

Your support will ensure that young people impacted by foster care, juvenile justice, and/or homelessness continue to get the support they need. During the pandemic, we are supporting young people like Jonas. After aging out of foster care and getting to know our programs through a referral from a community partner, he began making successful strides in adulthood by connecting to resources that supported him in finding a job and enrolling in school. However, with the public health order in March, he quickly had to move out of the college dorms and find a new place to live. With the support of NMCAN, Jonas was able to quickly transition to a stable place to live and access supports around food insecurity and unemployment.

Please consider a donation to NMCAN and support young people impacted by systems. Our work has always been grounded in community relationships and partnerships – this is true now more than ever. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration. Give today.

Image credit: @photonuel