2020 Legislative Priorities Announced

2020 Legislative Priorities Announced

“Listening to families and youth and acting on the information they provide about what would be most helpful to keep them healthy and strong is a critical first step to correcting our course [in system design and operation]. Acting on the information and knowledge that families and youth provide is critical to reshaping child welfare in the United States into a system that truly strengthens families.”

–Administration for Children and Families, 2019. “ACYF-CB-IM-19-03.”

This month, NMCAN released our updated Policy Blueprint for 2020-2024, which was created in partnership with young people. We will focus on the following priority areas in 2020.

  • Ensure all young people age 18 to 21 have a safe and supportive home. We seek to expand supports available to young people who aged out of foster care to their peers who are impacted by juvenile justice or homelessness.
  • Support the continuation and increased use of state funds specifically for transition-aged youth across the state.
  • Increase the foster youth tax credit so more employers will access it.
  • Continue to work with state agencies and administrators to ensure meaningful implementation of state and federal laws and improve practice in systems.

Stay tuned for more information as we partner with young people to advance this work. Learn more about our 2020 legislative priorities by contacting Director of Policy and Advocacy Arika E. Sánchez.