Give Together to Power Change

Give Together to Power Change

UPDATE! Thank you to Barbara, David, Kathleen, Megan, and other generous donors for their support. We have now raised $2,267! We only need 13 individuals to commit to donating $5 per month over the next year to meet our fundraising goal. Will you join them to give together to power change?

May 31, 2018: Thank you to Hilari, Janet, Jean, Jolianna, Kathleen, Leah, Margaret, and Mary Ann for their support and kicking off the 50 for $5 Campaign! With their monthly and one-time gifts, we have raised over $1,100 and are over one-third of the way to our $3,000 goal!

In honor of supporting young people impacted by systems, we seek 50 people to make a monthly contribution of $5 or more per month.

50 people x $5 per month x 12 months = $3,000 for NMCAN’s projects!

Your gift will:

  • Ensure that young people are learning how to build positive community networks and a sense of belonging.
  • Support them in having “normal” experiences that develop their interests and skills while they pursue their education, careers, and goals.
  • Invest in work that is driving positive and equitable systemic change that empowers young people to advocate fore their own policy solutions.

By creating this base of community support, you will leverage something NMCAN does best—working and giving together to power change.

Give today.